Sunday, April 12, 2009

HE Saved Me

Hellooo Everyone,
HE is Risen! I hope everyone had a glorious & blessed Easter. I know I did. I spent time with my family but my 2 oldest daughters couldn't make it. Originally they were goin' to but 'plans changed'. That used to get me so upset. I thought that since I was sober, things will materialize as planned (in my mind). When things didn't, that was a perfect excuse to go out & get hammered. Nowadays, I almost expect things to not go according to plans so it won't catch me offguard. Don't get me wrong, I still get a little upset, but that passes quickly. Remember, God's time, not mine. HE must've thought it was the right time for me to go back to days because I start working days tomorrow. Actually, I brought it up to my boss. But it was God that gave me the strength to come forward about it. I had to. My days & nights were SO screwed up. I wasn't eating right, sleeping enough and I was losing track of reality (not so hard to do in the 1st place). I listened to my body & mind, I had to draw the line somewhere. I never used to do that. I used to love to abuse my body cuz I was invincible, so I thought. God gave me a second chance at life, I'm not screwing it up this time. HE Is Risen! & HE Has Raised Me Up!
Until next time, God Bless.

{Note of Inspiration: Remember Jesus' body and blood - they were given for you.}

{Passage of Praise: Do this in remembrance of me. ~ 1 CORRINTHIANS 11:24}